Challenger Division and Training Ship Columbia Upcoming Drills and Events


Moving Ship


Regular Drills

  • Always be sure to check the POD (Plan of the Day) for possible time or uniform changes.

  • Senior Cadets & Officers report at the drill site at 0715.

  • Remainder of division report at the drill site at 0730.

  • Any visitors/prospective recruits should check with Commanding Officer LTJG Shannon Ward at ahead of time so we are expecting you; sometimes our plans change at the last minute and are not posted here.

  • Dismissal at 1400 on Saturday and 1400 on Sunday, or when all ship-shape and secured.

  • Always bring your ID, a wristwatch, a lunch, completed answer sheets, PT gear, and notebook.

  • Unless stated otherwise in a specific POD, the Uniform of the Day is always NWUs or khakis for officers, alternate uniform for instructors, and NWUs and appropriate outerwear (NWU parka or raincoat) for NSCC cadets and Woodland BDUs and appropriate outwear for NLCC cadets.

  • Scroll down and click on the link below the calendar to open or download the current POD and any supporting documents.


Challenger Division and Training Ship Columbia Calendar

Visitors:  We would love to have you join us at one of our drills. Contact our Commanding Officer LTJG Shannon Ward at to confirm when our next drill is, and what time you should arrive.


August 2019

11 August Spirit of '45

17 August Command Picnic

September 2019

14-15 September Drill

27-29 September Miramar Air Show

October 2018

13-14 October Drill

November 2018

10 November Veteran's Day Parade

10-11 November Drill

December 2018

7 December Coronado Christmas Parade

15-16 December Drill

15 December Wreaths Across America at Miramar Cemetery & Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery

26 December 2018 thru 5 January 2019 Winter Training at various locations

January 2019

12-13 January Drill

26 January Annual Awards Banquet (date tentative)

February 2019

2 February Awards Banquet

9-10 February Drill

March 2019

9-10 March Drill

9 March Annual Inspection (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE)

April 2019

2 April shift to Dress Whites

13-14 April Drill: Flying with the Young Eagles

1-7 April Trainings during Easter Break (tentative)

Lakeside Days Parade (participation and dates TBD)

May 2019

**NO normal drill due to participation in street fairs

18 May America on Main Street (El Cajon)

25 May Santee Street Fair

June 2019

1-2 June Drill

July 2019

No July Drill (summer trainings)


Download/View the Plan of the Day (POD)/Plan of the Month (POM)

Drill Dates for 2018-19 (PDF file)

Drill Dates for 2017-18 (PDF file)

New   POM for August 2019 (PDF file)

POM for June 2019 (PDF file)

POM for May 2019 (PDF file)

POM for April 2019 (PDF file)

POM for March 2019 (PDF file)

POM for February 2019 (PDF file)

POM for January 2019 (PDF file)

POM for December 2018 (PDF file)

POM for November 2018 (PDF file)

POM for October 2018 (PDF file)

POM for September 2018 (PDF file)

POM for August 2018 (PDF file)

POM for June 2018 (PDF file)

POM for May 2018 (PDF file)

POM for April 2018 (PDF file)

POM for March 2018 (PDF file)

POM for February 2018 (PDF file)

POM for January 2018 (PDF file)

POM for December 2017 (PDF file)

POM for November 2017 (PDF file)

POM for October 2017 (PDF file)

POM for September 2017 (PDF file)

POM for August 2017 (PDF file)

POM for June 2017 (PDF file)

POM for May 2017 (PDF file)

POM for April 2017 (PDF file)

POM for March 2017 (PDF file)

POM for February 2017 (PDF file)

POM for January 2017 (PDF file)

POM for December 2016 (PDF file)

POM for November 2016 (PDF file)

POM for October 2016 (PDF file)

POM for September 2016 (PDF file)

POM for August 2016 (PDF file)

POM for June 2016 (PDF file)

POM for May 2016 (PDF file)

POM for April 2016 (PDF file)

POM for March 2016 (PDF file)

POM for February 2016 (PDF file)

POM for January 2016 (PDF file)

POD for 6 December 2015 (PDF file)

POD for 5 December 2015 revised (PDF file)

POM for December 2015 (PDF file)

POD for 7 November Drill (PDF file)

POM for November 2015 (PDF file)

POD for 24 October Drill (PDF file)

POD for 3-4 October 2015 Airshow and Drill (PDF file)

POM for July/August 2015 (PDF file)

POM for June 2015 (PDF file)

POM for May 2015 (PDF file)

POM for April 2015 (PDF file)

All Hands POD for 15 March 2015 Drill (PDF file)

NSCC POD for 14 March 2015 Drill (PDF file)

NLCC POD for 14 March 2015 Drill (PDF file)



Other Documents

The documents below provide information for upcoming special events such as parades and off-site activities. Select the document from the list below to open an MS-Word Doc or Adobe Reader PDF file; left click to open it, right click and select "Save Target As" to download it to your computer.


General Items

2015 Pacific Southwest Region 11 Training Schedule (PDF file)



Items for Specific Events


Memorial Day Parade 2015 Materials (all PDF):

Line-Up Location for Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade Route


Independence Day Parade 2015 Materials (all PDF):

Line Up Location

Parade Route Map

Parade Rules & Regulations


Flagship 2015 Materials: (all PDF)

General Info

Event Descriptions/Judging Criteria

Seabag List

Driver's Release Form


Veteran's Day Parade 2015 Materials (all PDF):

Veteran's Day Parade 2015 Info