The major award was the Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Medal and Ribbon to PO2 Cody Ward, NLCC. The Sailor of the Quarter for NLCC were PO2 Ward and ABC Busic, and for NSCC PO1 Breslin and PO3 Bennett. A variety of other awards and promotions can be found on the Awards/Promotions page.

Other activities included training on Color Guard and getting ready for summer trainings with sea bag inspections.

Challenger Division/TS Columbia said good bye and a huge Thank You to LCDR Rodel Agpaoa who will be participating in the exchange program to Canada, and welcomed CDR Robert Rombach as the new CO.

a01wardsarnlcc_small.jpg a02wardsar_small.jpg a03breslinsoqnscc_small.jpg a04bennettsoqnscc_small.jpg
a05wardsoqnlcc_small.jpg a06busicsoqnlcc_small.jpg a07gregoryplalecommunityservice5thawardnscc_small.jpg a08ferreira_wcommunityservicenscc_small.jpg
a09bennettcommunityservicenscc_small.jpg a10weberacademicnlcc_small.jpg a11breslin5thyearnscc_small.jpg a12ferreira_w3rdyearnscc_small.jpg
a13roberts2ndyearnscc_small.jpg a14gregoryplale2ndyearnscc_small.jpg a15ferreira_s2ndyearnscc_small.jpg a16tyssee1styearnscc_small.jpg
a17tysseeserviceribbonnscc_small.jpg a18velasquez1styearnlcc_small.jpg ap01matthewplaletopo2nlcc_small.jpg ap02matthewplaletopo2nlcc_small.jpg
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